Does the Women and Gender Policy addresses the Women Access to Labor Market and Capital?

The Women and Gender Development Policy (2003) aims at ensuring that men and women participate in development activities and benefit from their participation.

CLKnet Goal

The overall objective of the project is to cultivate a culture of wide consultation through broadening access to and utilization of information in the formulation and implementation of development policies and programmes through a knowledge network.     Objectives Of The Network 

Call for Abstracts for Policy Briefs.

Researchers, academicians, analysts and consultants are invited to submit policy brief abstracts to the Tanzania Country Level Knowledge Network - CLKnet Secretariat for consideration. Successful candidates will be commissioned to write a full Policy Brief to be published and disseminated to experts and policy makers. They will also be posted in the Clknet media outlets for public use.

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Policy Briefs Review Seminar

Policy Briefs

According to Agricultural Marketing Policy (2008),majority of crops in the country are marketed in their raw forms, losing opportunities for higher earnings and generating employment. The main constraints facing the agro processing industry include high operational costs mainly because of high prices of imported fuel and spare parts, unavailability of appropriate processing machines and spare parts and limited knowledge in operation of the machines....

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“We dearly thank Clknet for providing this avenue to us, the event have been of a great importance for the Board and we look forward to cooperate more with Clknet in other areas.”

Ms TAMIKA MWAKAHESYA The Secretary - Public Service Remuneration Board

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