The Tanzania Knowledge Network for Research and Policy Development is a Country Level Knowledge Network Project; it aims to leverage knowledge of national professionals in the Country and in the Diaspora through electronic discussion boards and similar platforms to harvest knowledge that is made available to policymakers as an input for development policy planning, design, reform, implementation and evaluation.  The “knowledge system” will consolidate data and information from all sectors and provide an efficient, cohesive and logical platform for easier access and use by all sectors of the economy. It will facilitate the capture and consolidation of both explicit (information) and tacit (experiential or know-how) knowledge.

 This Project bears the unique characteristic of combining face-to-face dialogues, online debates and the opportunity and ability to link with other similar centres globally, thus tapping on existing global experiences. 


 To be a Leading Knowledge Sharing Network 

To facilitate effective policy development and review through research, knowledge sharing, stakeholder engagement and partnership building for sustainable development